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Welcome to the Westgerman Prostate Center Cologne

Since 2002, the West German Prostate Center Cologne, as one of the centers with the highest caseload in Europe, has offered the entire spectrum of diagnostics, therapy, and follow-up care for prostate diseases. Whether you come to us for consultation or preventive care, because of unclear complaints or a known disease - you should always feel well advised, treated and informed. The combination of experienced specialists under one roof and the many years of experience and consistency of the team enable patient information and
patient care at the highest level.

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Our focus

The centre focuses on prostate cancer treatment with innovative brachytherapy and external beam radiation techniques as well as benign prostate enlargement using modern endoscopic techniques and laser procedures.

Prostate cancer is newly diagnosed in around 63,000 men in Germany every year, making it the most common cancer in men. With targeted screening, early stages of the disease can be detected and cured in over 90 percent of cases. Unfortunately, so far only about 17 percent of men participate in screening.

Complaints caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia can severely impair the quality of life of those affected and lead to complications and long-term consequences. It is therefore all the more important to recognize the first signs and have them clarified by a specialist.


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