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Since the founding of the Department of Urology in the Klinik am Ring in 2000, there has been close cooperation with the Departments of Radiation Therapy and Radiology with a focus on the diagnosis and therapy of prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

In July 2002, the departments joined forces with the Departments of Anesthesiology, Nuclear Medicine and Pathology to form the West German Prostate Center, or WPZ for short, in the KLINIK am RING. The special features of the West German Prostate Center are the constancy of the treatment team, the permanent professional and scientific exchange with international colleagues as well as the constant monitoring and evaluation of the therapy results and quality of life of our patients. Unlike in most clinics, where there are frequent changes of physicians, the physicians at the WPZ have been a well-coordinated team for almost two decades. A high level of experience and competence, especially in performing specialized forms of treatment, is thus guaranteed.

Since the beginning of the cooperation, over 8,500 brachytherapy treatments and more than 4,000 prostate resections have already been performed, in addition to numerous other procedures.

For the medical team, it is particularly important to always keep the patient in mind and to take his or her needs seriously. An in-depth discussion and a detailed examination form the basis for diagnosing complaints or diseases precisely and making an optimal therapy decision together with the patient. Whether you come to us for preventive care, because of unclear complaints or a known illness - you should always feel well advised, treated and informed!

Today, a variety of effective and proven therapeutic options are available for the treatment of benign prostate enlargement and prostate carcinoma. New and innovative therapies are constantly carefully reviewed and critically compared with existing standard therapies before they are included in the range of services offered by the West German Prostate Center.

The association of experienced specialists under one roof enables consultation, diagnostics, therapy and aftercare of all prostate diseases under optimal conditions - at the highest medical and technical level. Continuous in-house training and the education of specialist colleagues ensure an up-to-date level of knowledge. National and international specialist and patient events as well as cooperation with treatment centers in Germany and abroad also contribute to this. In 2008, the West German Prostate Center, together with the New York Prostate Institute, founded the International Prostate Cancer Group. This association of prostate cancer specialists from Germany and the USA aims to optimize the quality of prostate cancer treatment through scientific cooperation, information exchange and patient counseling.

As one of the facilities with the highest number of cases in Europe, the WPZ specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate diseases. The team of physicians at the WPZ has been well-rehearsed for many years. The high level of experience and competence ensure safety and the best possible quality in the implementation of specialized forms of treatment. Since the beginning of the cooperation, more than 8,500 brachytherapy treatments for localized prostate carcinoma and more than 4,000 prostate resections have been performed at the WPZ, in addition to numerous other procedures. The center now has 20 years of follow-up data.

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Dr. Stephan Neubauer & Dr. Pedram Derakhshani

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