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Here you can download all our brochures, forms and questionnaires as well as the issues of our newsletter


WPZ patient brochure

This brochure provides an overview of the range of treatments offered by the West German Prostate Center (WPZ). You will receive detailed information on prevention, diagnosis and treatment options for prostate cancer and benign prostate enlargement.


Prostate questionnaire IPSS

The International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) is an eight-question questionnaire on the symptoms / quality of life of benign prostate enlargement.

WPZ record sheet

Before you make your appointment with us at the West German Prostate Center, we will need information about your general state of health and any treatments you have already undergone, as well as your personal details.


Issue 04/2023

Topics relating to early detection, modern diagnostics and treatment of prostate diseases were the focus of the "13th Prostate Patient Day" on November 3, 2023 in Cologne

Issue 01/2023

In this issue, you will find out which therapy offers the best chances of recovery and the fewest side effects for patients with high-risk prostate cancer. We also report on a modern laser procedure, holmium laser enucleation (HoLEP), which can also be used to effectively treat BPH patients with a very large prostate. You can also find out about the latest research.

Issue 04/2022

In the second issue of our newsletter, we inform you about the safe and effective treatment of bladder tumors. We also report on the benefits of perineal biopsy in cases of suspected prostate cancer and urgently recommend that you undergo important examinations for the early detection of prostate or bladder cancer despite the COVID pandemic.

Issue 10/2021

In the first issue of our newsletter, you can find out more about state-of-the-art holmium laser enucleation (HoLEP) for benign prostate enlargement and MRI fusion biopsy for suspected prostate cancer, among other things. We also introduce you to two new, highly qualified prostate specialists who have recently joined our team.