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Prostate Cancer

MRI fusion biopsy

MRI fusion biopsy: diagnose prostate cancer with certainty

What to do if the PSA level rises? Before a prostate biopsy is performed, an MRI scan of the prostate can first be used to determine the likelihood of whether a benign enlargement of the prostate or a prostate carcinoma is present. If the suspicion of a malignant tumor is confirmed, a #biopsy is necessary in the next step. In this med.clip, Dr. Kai P. Schuster from the West German Prostate Center in the KLINIK am RING - Cologne, explains how prostate MRI can be used for biopsies to specifically remove tissue from areas suspected of tumors and to reliably diagnose #prostate cancer. Here you can find out what to expect from an MRI fusion biopsy of the #prostate and what possibilities modern diagnostics brings in cancer prevention.