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PSA test

PSA level elevated = prostate cancer? Understanding PSA values correctly

Elevated PSA value? Suspicion of prostate cancer? Prostate cancer does not always have to be the cause of an elevated PSA value. Diseases such as benign prostate enlargement, urinary tract infections or prostate inflammation can also trigger an elevated PSA level. In this med.clip, Priv.-Doz- Dr. Dr. Holger Gerullis from the West German Prostate Center in the KLINIK am RING - Cologne explains why the determination of the prostate specific antigen value as part of the preventive examination by the urologist is particularly important, what the value says exactly and how elevated values are to be classified. Learn why a prompt repetition of the PSA test is necessary in case of abnormal PSA values and why other diagnostic procedures should be used for clarification in addition to ultrasound and palpation.