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HDR afterloading: successfully cure advanced & aggressive prostate cancer without surgery

Best chances of curing aggressive or already advanced #prostate cancer through #HDR afterloading. In Germany, more than 60,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. If the tumor is particularly aggressive or locally more advanced, HDR afterloading is the most effective and at the same time best tolerated therapy for the successful treatment of prostate cancer. In this med.clip, Dr. Stephan Neubauer from the West German Prostate Center at the KLINIK am RING - Cologne, explains how HDR afterloading works and what you can expect with the combination of external radiation therapy and #brachytherapy (internal radiation). Learn why HDR afterloading promises significantly higher healing chances with fewer side effects than radical surgery of the prostate and why this treatment method entails significantly less impairment of the quality of life.